5-Game Plan A

Number of plan events: 5

Included with an All-You-Can-Eat 5-Game Ticket Plan:
• Unlimited hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, chips, cookies, Coca-Cola products and water
• Limited edition Macon Bacon hat
• Ticket exchange program (if you can't make a game on this plan, you can switch it to another game, based on availability)
• Payment plans are available
• The BEST 5 games on our schedule

All-You-Can-Eat 5-Game Plan:
• Friday, May 28 (Opening Night/Fireworks)
• Saturday, June 12 (Star Wars Night)
• Sunday, July 4 (Fireworks)
• Saturday, July 31 (Throwback Night)
• Friday, Aug. 27 (Fan Appreciation Night/Fireworks)

More info:
• The seating locations for the 5-game plan are in our reserved locations, under the covered grandstands
• We have four HUGE ceiling fans circulating the air for those warm Georgia nights
• Yes, it's truly All-You-Can-Eat, so come hungry and leave your wallet at home

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